Great opportunity to see a tongue tie patient prior to surgery

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We had an ankyloglossus case that we referred for frenectomy.  Will this teenager need therapy after the procedure?  I did not do a complete evaluation, just referred her out for the surgery, when it was observed during her 6mo recall that she had a need for the frenectomy.  Should I have her come in right after the healing and check out all the functions?


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When you have the great opportunity to see a tongue tie patient prior to surgery, you should do a full evaluation for comparisons post surgery.  You want especially to take the MOmax and MOWS measurement comparisons; do you remember how to do that?  And you want to take photos for sure prior to surgery.  You tell them that they should be seen a few days post surgery and not to wait, since the tongue will revert to its former resting location and former patterns unless you see them shortly after surgery (a few days, max) and begin to teach the tongue (and brain!) the new excursions and movements.  Tongue tie patients post surgery need on average 7-10 treatment sessions, depending upon what else you find when you REPEAT the oral exam as soon as the discomfort goes away.  Many tongue tied clients do not have weak lips or some of the other symptoms that “typical myo patients” have; thus, the reason for the shorter treatment regimen.



Baby’s tongue sticking out of her mouth.

Today I saw a Mexican American baby 2 1/2 months old that frequently but not always has her tongue sticking out of her mouth. It reminds me of a Down’s baby, but she has no other Down Syndrome characteristics.


5 year old that stopped thumb sucking, recently went back to it

Today, a 5 year old, (parents divorced this last year,) had stopped thumb sucking, but recently went back to it. I’m wondering how long to wait, because of the divorce issues and living in 2 households now, etc. She’s suppose to let me know when she’s ready, but do I put this off for a while due to the divorce?


Why do orthodontists use tongue guards

I will be speaking to a group of orthodontists, some of whom refer to me. I know our position on rakes, cribs, etc. I looked in the literature and could not find any articles to tell me why orthodontists use these. Is it because they believe it is the best way to close the bite? Do they feel it is a more convenient and easy way to address open bites? Why do they opt for this? Is it based on research and training?


Teaching 3 year old rotary chewing and bolus control

What would be step one (tongue placement) in teaching this child the rotary chew, bolus collection, etc.? He also needs help with lips seal as well. What is step one in teaching chewing and what is appropriate?


What about DVD training for therapy

I have been trying to attend one of your courses and hope to do so sometime before the end of this year. Until then, I have found a set of DVDs that I can purchase online that claims it will teach me to provide orofacial myology treatment. (They refer to it as myofunctional therapy). I wanted to get your take on whether I can get enough information from DVDs to actually provide orofacial myology to patients before I attend the formal course?


Sanitizing Items

Hi Sandra, Can the Neon Exercise Elastics be sanitized in boiling water or do you typically have patients reuse them?  I wonder this because my client had a canker sore recently and I just wondered if it would be best to use fresh ones each time or not so as to avoid germs reinfecting his […]


Myo before expander or vice versa?

An orthdontist recommended a palatal expansion after myofunctional therapy for an 8 year old.. I explained that the palatal expansion should take place before myo and she felt that myo would go first and the tongue would widen the palate. You said the tongue would not widen that palate at 8 years of age. Can you help me to understand why the tongue is not going to widen it. Is it because of the patient’s age? Is there an age at which the tongue will naturally widen a narrow palate?


How to progress with tongue to spot training

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When working to increase time on tongue tip to spot, over what period of time do you increase increments? Obviously it varies case to case, but what’s an acceptable pace for the child not to “overwork.”


Hierarchy post frenectomy

I have one frenectomy precious little guy, had it done early Oct. Ever since, he began wagging his tongue all over the place, (dancing in celebration of its freedom) or more like for a lack of just not knowing where his tongue should rest.

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