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Narrow Tongue Questions

Hi Sandra, I wanted to tell you that I am really enjoying using your Orofacial Myology manual.  It seems so much more organized that what I have received from other trainings.  It seems to make so much more sense than other information I may have learned. I have a question re: the Narrow Tongue At […]

Class III Tongue Curls

I have a question for you about a client.  He is a six year old boy who has a significant underbite.  He has had expanders and some type of face mask. The dentist is now recommending a gate, but his mother is against this and has contacted us.  I am trying to do exercises for […]

How many Elevator Disks to use?

I wanted to ask you about Elevator Disk and braiding for a patient of mine.  I have one of these from my training with you but only have three disks.  I am not sure how many disks a patient should be expected to add to their braid, but I am thinking it would be more […]

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