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Carryover reminder for lip closure

I have a client that I have worked with for about a year – for some time he seemed that he was almost ready to graduate.  I have worked with him on his lisp and his major tongue thrust.  He is now in 4th grade, and I think we have hit a plateau.  I think […]

Habituation and Lateral Open Bite

Hi, Sandra….Hope all is well with you!  So, this 14 year old that has done SO WELL with the program is currently in “follow-up” stage with me.  She has worked very hard and gone thru all of the stages and has been working diligently to incorporate reminders and associations and has been using and liking […]

More Activity Pages Desired

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Mrs. Holtzman: My son is a bad thumb sucker, he is five years old. He started Unplugging the Thumb program. Thumb sucking habit was solved immediately because he decided to quit by himself once we started your program. He is using the special sockie (he named it “William”) without problems. However, he loves the activity […]

Questions about Down Syndrome and Orofacial Myology

1.In your opinion and in the research, will treating the forward resting inter dental tongue posture of an individual  with Down Syndrome improve articulation? I work with a 6 yr old girl with DS and apart from all the language work, I must better address her weak oral musculature, tongue and lip and jaw posture but […]

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