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Frenum Surgery

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Hi, I spoke with you several months ago when I ordered some myo supplies from you. I am a recent COM and a graduate of your 1 and 1/2 day course. I have a frenectomy question. I was recently referred a case where there is an obvious need for a frenectomy, she is 9 and […]

Myo Program for CP Articulation

I have an elementary-aged client with cerebral palsy. No cognitive deficits. Great expressive & receptive language skills in Korean and English. But articulation is so hard! We’ve made progress on lip-related sounds, but she just cannot keep her tongue from thrusting out on /s, z, sh/, plus /t, d/ sounds are imprecise and /l/ is […]

A 4 year old with Ankyloglossia

Post frenectomy, the goals include being able to move the tongue horizontally (in and out) without touching the lower lip or teeth or seeing any lip involvement. I recommend 3Way Mouth Props as the tool to keep the mandible stable as the client learns the movement/excursion. Then the prop is slowly removed. Also, the client should be able to move from lip corner to lip corner, again without any extraneous mandibular movement.

12 years old noisy resistant /S/

I have a question for you about a new student I am working with. He is a 12 year old boy, who was referred for a tongue thrust. He produced most /s, z/ sounds interdentally. He has made significant progress with his placement from working with a previous therapist. However, he continues to have a […]

Does Retainer Interfere with Correct Tongue Resting Posture?

trying to figure out if an ortho retainer might interfere with the tongue rest position by “inviting” the tongue to explore the lower retainer, therefore defeating the attempts to keep the tongue in a more neutral rest position.

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