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Lat Thrust

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Hello Sandra; I attended one of your workshops in Pittsburgh a few years back. I am wondering if you might be able to provide some information/references on correcting a lateral tongue thrust. Many thanks! So nice to hear from you.  I wish there were references or studies that could help SLPs with lateral lisps & […]

Open bite relapse, numb tongue, complicated symptoms

I have been using your Myo Manual for the exercises. I am just not sure my client can trap with mouthwash, but not the water.  I am afraid that I am missing something (which is why I need to come to your intensive course).  She is an adult with a relapse, open bite.  She said […]

Surgery vs Orthodontic + Orofacial Myology Treatment Background

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 A SLP reports that a local oral-maxillofacial surgery claims that a tongue thrust is a rare occurrence, and that when seen with an anterior open bite, an oral-maxillofacial surgeon should treat the problem surgically rather than having the patient undergo orthodontic treatment. The surgeon’s claim is that thrusting is related to a small oral cavity […]

Habit Device

Hi! Two questions: 1. I purchased the Myo Manual to use with an 8 year old boy who was just fitted with an orthodontic device for tongue thrust. He will have this device for 3 months. Are there specific exercises I should focus on for this particular child or should I proceed through the Myo- […]

4 year old child adopted from China

I was wondering if your program is guaranteed. My daughter turned 4 in October and she has been a thumb sucker since we adopted her from China. I know they had to comfort themselves somehow because of not enough care providers. So, she wraps her little blankie around her fingers and sucks her thumb.Do you think she is a candidate, and it is not clear what is all in your kit, could you please explain.

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