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Myo patient that chronically licked his lips

He substitutes lingua alveolar sounds for these three (s/f, z/v, l/w). I worked with him for 45 minutes and during the entire session, he chronically licked his lips.

Does a maxillary torus inhibit therapy?

There are some tori that are large enough and situated within the arch in such a way that they certainly would be expected to inhibit suctioning and correct lingual placement.

Hypersensitive Smell

The only experience I have had with hypersensitive olfactory issues was with children with autism or another spectrum…

How Many Disks to use with Elevator Disk Exercise?

The Elevator Disk exercise was specifically developed to be used at the end of Phase One in most cases with the purpose of coordinating the earlier learned movements, excursions, and dissociation of tongue, lips, and mandible.

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