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To wait before starting artic therapy or not

If you were giving articulation therapy without first having maximized lingual skills and rest postures, it might not have been as effective as if the patient first received the basic skills sections of orofacial myology…

ROM measurement indicates restricted frenum…HELP, I need you!

My guess from what you’ve said, is that he isn’t really using the tip of the tongue for T, and D, but rather a location behind the tip…is that correct?

Malignant sleep apnea, difficulty feeding, PDA ligation, and a cerebellar stroke.

Do nothing at this time to discourage her from sucking her thumb. She is quite young to provide a sucking elimination program, even if she had not been through so much already in her couple of years on earth…

Recalibrating the Lip Strength Meter

I wondered if you know of a way to recalibrate the lip meter

Older female who developed severe tongue thrusting

…Looking into a mirror, open your mouth as widely as you can; while keeping your mouth wide open, see how far upward you can raise your tongue. Can you reach all the way up behind your upper teeth without closing your mouth very much…?

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