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Larynx tongue placement opera singer

I have a patient tomorrow for consultation. He is an opera singer with a low posture tongue position by trade and the Orthodontist said he has a tongue thrust of the upper four anterior teeth.

4 year post frenectomy still exhibits difficulties

A 4 year old client of mine had a frenectomy at the end of the school year. I didn’t see him over the summer but he was seen by someone else. He was not cooperative with the other therapist for oral motor exercises.

3 year multiple problems

because we have not been able to break her thumb sucking habit, we have been wrapping her thumb with elastic sports bandage which keeps her from sucking as long as she has it on, but as soon as it comes off the thumb goes back in the mouth.

Thumb sucking and tongue tie, can you recommend one of your graduates?

My 3 1/2 year old daughter sucks her thumb….. A dentist separately mentioned possible frenectomy. Can you recommend someone near us to discuss these issues with?

Deep Overbite Impinging

I have a young client (female, age 12) who has a very deep overbite. So deep that her lower teeth touch her alveolar ridge when she is at rest. She is unable to touch the tip to magic spot while mouth closed as her bottom teeth are there. She is unable to execute a correct swallow.

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