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Help with marketing to orthodontists

what I teach them all immediately is that standard speech therapy is not an effective means to help tongue thrust patients. Thus, you don’t want to promote speech therapists in general as being specialized in orofacial myology since we SLPs are rarely if ever trained in this specialty area as a normal course of education

Special Needs and Unplugging The Thumb

I received a call late yesterday afternoon from a mother of a 4 nearly 5 year old son. Her main reason for calling was to get him into the thumb-sucking elimination program. I spent 35 minutes on the phone with her just listening and evaluating her son’s background to determine a plan of action. Because of his age in conjunction with his medical background, I told her I needed the weekend to think everything through.

How to work with adults with severe dyspraxia and myofunctional disorder

Background:  This patient had been seen 3 times by L, an SLP graduate of my 28 hour course.  He was coming to Orlando to see friends and a consult was set up.  My findings and suggestions follow her email. Hi Sandra, So glad that you were able to meet with R. I have been perplexed […]

9 year old, /r/ problem, ankyloglossia, feeding issues

Hi Sandra, I am taking your /r/ e-course right now and have a question for you about a 9-year-old client who was diagnosed as an infant with a tongue tie but parents were advised not to have it clipped at the time. As a result, he had tremendous feeding problems which mom recalls were a […]

Response provided by Dr. Robert M. Mason, DMD, PhD about more normal appearance of tongue

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Response provided by Dr. Robert M. Mason, DMD, PhD Q: Dr. Mason, in your text you say, “Once muscles have been trained through treatment, a tongue that seemed definitely large has assumed a much more normal appearance”.  Can you explain this please?  A: Yes, you will recall how the hyoid bone drops down and the […]

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