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Want to purchase a Speech Therapy book for a reference to keep in my library

I am an Orofacial Myologist and I want to purchase a Speech Therapy book for a reference to keep in my library.  Can you please email me and suggest an easy to understand, informative book that may also have therapy treatments in it. Can you suggest a good one? I really appreciate your help!  I […]

Asking about specific lip strength range for children and adults

I have purchased a scale. I had asked another trainer what strength I should expect achieve. For children I was told 10 – 16 Lbs (approximately 4.5kg – 7kg) and for adults 15 Lbs – 20 Lbs (approximately 6.5kg – 9kg). I am having difficulty getting the lip strength. I have a few adult patients and so far the highest reading is 3.5kg (approximately 7.7 Lbs).

Do you have a specific lip strength range for children and adults?

Ear popping

Your patient should be seen by an ENT specialist to evaluate this situation. In your referral, you can state that the patient complains of ear popping which indicates to you that there may be some dysfunction of the Eustachian tubes that may have created some negative pressure in the middle ears. FYI, an antibiotic may clear up the problem, although ear wax or some problem in the middle ear (crud) could be involved.

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