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Treatment for Tonsil Cancer

A patient has been referred who has been treated with head and neck radiation for tonsil cancer. Any suggestions for therapy?

Space for tongue posteriorly

…her tongue in the back continues to cover her molars when she is suctioning up. She has worked hard and does all of the exercises well.

What is the functional application of knowing that a child is right or left tongued?

…this could be of some significance for some patients with neuromotor disorders. So far, it only helps to clear up misconceptions of what a swallow really looks like, whether normal or abnormal.

Is there is a consensus that a tongue thrusting pattern is “normal”/typical up to a certain age?

tongue thrusting tends to spontaneously regress over time as neuromotor development results in the tongue elevating under control and as the dimensions of the oral cavity and pharynx are adapted to by the tongue. For 2, 3, 4, and even 5 year olds, it is not abnormal to see a tongue thrust, and when noted, this does not automatically indicate the need for treatment. In some cases, it is important NOT to treat such children.

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