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from Australia happy with results

Hello Sandra,   I am writing to let you know how happy I am with the results of my UNPLUGGING the THUMB which I purchased from you about a month ago.  If you remember, I am the mum from Australia.  My five year old daughter, A, has successfully “unplugged her thumb” and I am amazed at the […]

Considerations when diagnosing

It is my findings using my past examinations that a hyper-gag might be common with ankyloglossia. I do not have formal research yet, but rather just my experience with patients. There are incidences of gagging, choking, feeing like the food is clogging up the “throat,” etc.

What do you do with a tongue sucker?

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Hey Sandra,   Quick (or long) question for you…what do you do with a tongue sucker?  I had one in the summer and I’m not sure I was very effective.  She was definitely a tongue thruster, too, so I was treating her for that, thinking that with the increased tongue/oral proprioception would eliminate the need […]

Frenectomy and tongue thrust connection

I was wondering if you think (or if there is a consensus) that a tongue thrusting pattern is “normal”/typical swallowing pattern up to a certain age. I have read that it is normal for babies. I have also read that it is “normal” until the age of 6. I have also read that it is never normal, and even infants that are breastfeeding do not exhibit a forward tongue motion. I feel a little confused.

Two year old is sucking their thumb to fall asleep

You didn’t mention that there was another item associated with the sucking habit. Aha! That might be a way to approach it sooner. Do you recall the method we went over to eliminate a pacifier habit?

‘Tongue sucking’ during the evening

I have a quick question for you, I just evaluated a patient who presents with ‘tongue sucking’ during the evening. Mom has attempted to stop this using different pillows, smells (bleach, etc.), due to the increase of ‘sucking patterns’ that occur at nighttime when she is comforted.

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