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RDH inquiry about potential if takes my course

I am interested in taking your course but I live in a fairly small city…Thunder Bay, Ontario….Do you have advice or an opinion regarding my approach to being accepted in the community….I would need referrals from dentists? paediatricians? etc

RDH in orofacial myology and working with stroke patients

The short answer to your question is that there are no current data to suggest that MFT should play a role in the rehabilitation of stroke victims. The larger issue involved is the training of those who work with stroke victims. This is not an appropriate area of clinical endeavor for a dental hygienist.

Rapid Palatal Expander so wait or not for tx

I had sent one of my kid patients for ortho and he has had a Rapid Palatal Expander placed today. I do not see him for another 3 wks and I have told mum we will see what we can and cannot do and play it by ear.

Parent anxious to begin

We have decided to have her stop during winter break so that it doesn’t interfere with her school work and concentration. She is very upset about it but it has to be done.

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