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Client can’t slurp, suction, problem with “dry” swallows

I assume he is able to obtain and maintain suction. But, he can’t slurp. We have tried numerous ways. I’ve tried to show him
what my tongue does, and showed him placement in the mirror.

RDH questions re enlarged tonsils, timing for therapy, speech considerations

… Could her speech be sooooooo poor due to the 60 % airway or is there some delayed development issue that no one knows about??????

UTT open bite how long to wait for tx

I am working with a 7 year old with an anterior open bite. …..background: Referred to me for tongue thrust by her SLP who cannot make progress on her frontal /s/. This girl started with me 3 months ago in November. Evaluation revealed open mouth posturing, forward tongue resting position, drooling, tongue thrust on swallow, and large tonsils.

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