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Pastor won’t talk in front of church

…and also want to be a pastor, and with this problem I don’t even have enough guts to go speak in the front of the church because I think my tongue is going to get tied up or my speech is going to sound like I have a slur…

My main concern is having an income while doing this…

My main concern is having an income while doing this. Doing OM part time in addition to dental hygiene, what kind of income is reasonable? I know there are many variables but I can’t find any info about that online.

What can be done for 3 year old thumb sucker?

My co-worker has a new client that is 3 years old and sucks his thumb in the night. The dentist noticed that it is affecting his palate. How would you handle this with a 3 year old (considering it is a sleeping behavior or goes in when he gets tired)?

Patients NOT stimulable for the /k/ and /g/ sounds

Have you worked with clients that have NOT been stimulable for the /k/ and /g/ sounds? I have come across 1 in my 12 years and have now been approached by another parent. Her daughter has quite a gag reflex and it has been difficult for SLPs up to this point to stimulate that sound…do you have any suggestions?

Correlation between reading issues and co-occurrence of interdental lisp

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Have you ever observed any correlation between reading issues and particularly in 9-10 year olds the co-occurrence of an interdental lisp?

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