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Severe tmj issues

38 year old female who was referred by her orthodontist — she is getting braces in a few weeks. The issue that concerns me is that she has chronic TMJ, for which she wears a guard on her bottom teeth all the time except when eating. She experiences muscle spasms and is limited in opening her mouth wide. When closing her mouth, she jaw shifts like an “s”.

Class III and concerns

Hello Sandra,  I first wrote to you last year when I was inquiring about one of your seminars. In the past, I have treated one adult and two children by adapting the protocol created by Daniel Garliner (The Deviate Swallow, A Functional Approach, 1964),  as well as using information from other sources including the guidelines […]

Spastic diplegia and orthodontic appliances

Hi, I have a client who is 8 years old, with developmental delay and spastic displegia and was born prematurely. She has one sound error (w for r) and has a tongue thrust habit. Mother is considering a crib appliance to correct the tongue thrust, but wanted my opinion about when to do so with […]

At what age should thumb sucking, sippy cups, bottles etc. be discouraged?

At what age should thumb sucking, sippy cups, bottles etc. be discouraged/discontinued

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