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Can I do Myo Manual program on my own

I noticed as well that I tend to keep my mouth partially open when I get distracted. I was researching the internet and I saw a video and found the website.
I think your kit could be a good idea. Is it possible to do it on my own, just from the manual?

Artificially hiding a lisp

I realized that this 10 year old had a combination of an interdental lisp and an upper dentalized lisp, that I was initially perceiving as a lateral lisp bc there was some lateral airflow based on his broad tongue configuration. Does that make sense to you????

Ank and palatal expansion, when to do it

I was recently referred a case where there is an obvious need for a frenectomy, she is 9 and is getting an expander TOMORROW. I need to decide to recommend she get the surgery now and take my chances with the rehab when I basically can’t do much more than mobility work while we wait 4-6 months for the expander to be removed, or wait for the frenum surgery after the expander comes off.

Adult with airway issues

Surgeons tend to look at the anatomy and then predict what problems are the result of what they see, rather than actually measuring airflow, as is done in most cleft palate clinics. The anatomy is not a good guide to predict the physiology involved…

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