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High palate, restricted frenum and R problem

9-year-old client who was diagnosed as an infant with a tongue tie but parents were advised not to have it clipped at the time. As a result, he had tremendous feeding problems which mom recalls were a “nightmare.”

Fissured tongue

I just screened a new resident post CVA with noted aphasia in her record and some dysarthria. On exam, her tongue had a fairly significant fissure at midline. Any recommendations for healing?

Drinking from cup and straw

Can you tell me how to train labial not lingual receiving of liquids from cup and straw?

Should they anchor at the spot or dangle tongue tip just behind teeth?

Help with a repaired cleft lip/palate patient who is still drooling

I need help with a repaired cleft lip/palate patient who is still drooling. I’ve been working with him for several months – lip strengthening, resting tongue posture, and more. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels trying to get him to habituate lips together. He can do this without much tension…his lower lip, to me is very “droopy” and weak. What can I do?

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