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Interceptive Class III device usage

I saw a patient the other day that was given the i-3 Interceptive Class III device to wear… The child is 6 years old (7 in May) and presents with edge to edge occlusion, open mouth rest posture and history of upper respiratory infections, ear infections, tonsillitis, strep x2, seasonal allergies and what appears to be possible dairy sensitivities… Some SLP members of the IAOM had been inappropriately ordering and fitting such appliances…

When Sockie falls off

After watching the CD, my son decided to quit. He wore the Sockie to bed, but it either fell off during the night or he removed it in his sleep. After a few nights, he said Sockie was gone. He must have thrown it away. The dentist told him that he is going to put a rake into his mouth in two weeks if he doesn’t stop sucking his thumb.

Ideas for adult tongue sucker

i just want to know some ways to help me stop sucking on my tongue and my family from it to. i do have allergies and my tonsils are not swollen but my allergies are only seasonal. Even when I’m not experiencing any allergies symptoms i still tend to suck on my tongue. Please help, it bothers me so bad, there are some days when it gets really bad and I have to chew on gum to stop myself from sucking on my tongue because it starts to hurt my jaw.

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