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Is there a minimum age to start therapy

Is there a minimum age you use when you decide to start therapy? The pictures and examples in the Myo Manual all show children who are about 7 years or older.

Palatal expander, low S position, cribs and rakes

I have a new referral who I recently saw who is about to embark on some orthodontic treatment (a palatal expander ). In addition to a tongue thrust swallow she also presents with an articulation component with an interdental pattern for alveolars and sibilants…

Is 3 too young?

Is 3 years old too young to start seeing kids for an obvious tongue thrust and do kids ever outgrow a tongue thrust?

Post frenectomy when to start

I was wondering if there are specific exercises that should be done post-frenectomy to avoid scar tissue from forming.

Tonsillectomy little girl can’t make H sound

I have a little girl who got her tonsils out and has returned to me (5yrs)
doing therapy with her but noticed that she is not able to say “H”. I have her pretend to do katate and punch her arms out and go
‘huh’ as karate people do! Any more ideas?

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