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Should OFM disorder should be treated

Some orofacial disorders for some people should be ignored for a period of time or maybe forever.

RDH how to become an insurance provider

If the RDH is working with a DDS, there is a chance for dental insurance coverage. If working with an SLP, again there is a chance for coverage. The International Association of Orofacial Myology is currently trying to address that issue, having appointed a committee to get recognition of an orofacial myology code.

R therapy help needed

I have a client at the moment who is not making much progress. Independent movements of tongue are ok, however she can NOT maintain suction. She can click and cluck all day but can’t prolong that after many sessions trying.

Orthodontist asks how to use ROM for tongue tie assessment

I’d like to learn a little more about the Range of Motion measures you described in the newsletter. How do you relate MOWS and MOtts to MOmax? Is there a ratio you use to indicate limited opening? How do you instruct the “suction” position to the patient? Is your curved ROM ruler easier or better to use than a straight ruler?

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