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ROM questions

I have a lip strength meter at home and know the average norms for children age 4 – 10 years and over 10 years old. Are there similar average norms to use when you work with the ROM scale?

I want to be professional for my first patient

I’ve just scheduled my first patient!! I am going to see him (9 yr old) next week the 23rd for the initial evaluation/assessment. He is quite developmentally delayed however Dr. William Hang, DDS, an orthodontist. recommended Myofunctional therapy for him.

Quick tongue tie assessment questions re norms, lateral scale

Are there average norms to use when you work with the ROM scale?
Could you tell me how to use the lateral scale?

Tongue sucking habit

The boy only sucks his tongue at night per mom. He had his adenoids out at 3 and sucked a pacifier until 2. He doesn’t suck anything besides his tongue now and does not use a sippy cup. He does have an open bite though. Do you have any experience with this or could you give me any pointers?

Why tongue looks smaller with treatment

The adaptation is usually seen in the vertical dimension, with the base of the tongue dropping down. The hyoid is a good marker, as it also is in collapsibility studies of sleep apnea patients.

Tongue radiation hard to open mouth

A patients has been referred who has been treated with head and neck radiation for tonsil cancer. The reason for referral is limited ability to open following the treatment. He did not have surgery. He has severe dry mouth which is being addressed with xylitol gels and lozenges. Any suggestions for treatment exercises is greatly appreciated.

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