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Form to sign for refusal of suggested treatment?

Coming from the dental field… everything was documented and treatment plans were given with signatures. If a patient denied the treatment plan there was another form to sign of refusal of suggested treatment.

What is included in the Unplugging the Thumb Kit

I was wondering what exactly is included in the Unplugging the Thumb Kit. I apologize if I missed the description, but I couldn’t seem to find it.
Thank you. Jen

Tongue thrust and oral cavity size

As the above-mentioned article explains, there is a difference between an anterior interdental rest posture of the tongue, and a thrust. Thrusting itself is now viewed as an adaptation to rather than a cause of malocclusion while an anterior rest posture has a strong link to the development of maintenance of some malocclusions.

To treat or not to treat

This little boy could really use some help with the gaping hole and tongue protrusion however he is not able to access the whole program due to his attentional issues

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