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Do you measure up and low lips

Do you measure the upper lip and lower lips separately as part of your initial eval

Drinking liquids

Can you tell me how to train labial not lingual receiving of liquids from cup and straw?

Clenching and how to address it

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I went to lunch with an orthodontist here in town and he was asking me if I do much work with clenching. I said it is definitely something that can be addressed with myofunctional therapy. Am I on the right track?

Ankyloglossia with some symptoms missing

When there appears to be NO current obvious difficulties in the presence of a tight lingual frenulum, should one proceed with frenectomy?

Adults with low forward carriage

I have a pt (adult) that has lower resting posture and she presses the tip against her lower alveolar ridge which is now causing bone loss. She doesn’t thrust so I am strictly working on rest posture. Do you have any recommendation for what exercises I should be using?

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