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Help, no orofacial myologists are here in England!

We are English and here in the UK it seems that the practice of Orofacial Myology is non-existent. Our son, who is now 16, has just finished orthodontic work. He is now in retainers but has a tongue thrust problem that we are concerned will detrimentally affect his teeth positioning again.

Help for specific questions

What can you say to the very adamant orthodontist who strongly believes in the tongue guard even if therapy cannot be initiated with it in place.

Grad’s question regarding exercises

I am using your manual with my clients and have run in to a few other questions if you have time. I have a student who successfully eliminated his finger sucking and guitar pick sucking habit recently and has made very nice progress with phase I. I wanted to understand the purpose of the ‘EEEE’ exercise as well as the ‘side sweeping’ exercise.

Down syndrome teeth eruption

Her dentist reportedly told her mother that these lower front baby teeth haven’t fallen out yet because her tongue is too weak to push against them. I was taken a back by such reasoning. IS this true?

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