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SLP in Dubai needs Orofacial Myology information and help

Recently I have had so many cases of oral motor disorders – especially unstable jaws and tongue thrusts and I feel as if my knowledge is limited and there really aren’t too many people to refer to in Dubai.
How can I expand my knowledge being so far away?

Lip Licking Habit in 3 year old, causing red, sore lips

I have a 3 year old client in speech therapy – new this week – she is chronically licking her lips; sometimes just the lower, then other times all the way around the outside…

Incorrect swallow evaluation creates false positive

When one holds the lower lip down or uses lip retractors, the subject, in such artificially contrived circumstances, is encouraged to concentrate on their swallow, and a tongue forward initial movement is the typical result.

Hi I am interested in purchasing your manual

I started out using Garliner’s program, which sounds like the one you were introduced to. I used it in the 1970’s! It was great to get me started at that time, and frankly no one else had any satisfactory treatment program, so it was the only game in town. From that point, I began to incorporate everything I could learn and develop myself to cover a myriad of different types of patients that I felt come under the umbrella of orofacial myology.

How to get OR sound

When he says “corn” it sounds like “kern”, etc. Barn is “bern”. I tried having him practice “oh-ER”, then say it fast, but it falls apart. Thanks !

How to do pill swallow

The patient wets the tongue; places a small nerd in the center/back area of the tongue and does the continuous swallows, which have already been mastered, “allowing” the nerd to go down with the water.

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