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Too young to quit and brother nail biting

I wish pediatricians would stay within their own realm and not tell parents that magic occurs at a certain age and problems disappear. I am dealing with the adult results of such misstatements by well- meaning pediatricians and others.

Two year sucking habit

Unfortunately, I have seen through the years that it is easier to eliminate the habit at an age much younger than two years old or to wait until the child is older. Sad,but true. Once the habit is firmly established for 2 years, it is hard to do anything about it until the child can make that decision for herself/himself based on information we can show them and reason with them about the habit.

Smith Magenis Syndrome

She can produce “la” and “na” with the prop with her tongue tip, but can not produce “ta” and “da” with prop with tongue tip, instead she uses her mid tongue (which is her movement pattern in spontaneous speech).

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