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SLP with tongue tie and OSA

My interest is more concerning: I have a new diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea (hypopneas, actually), in which the MD believes that the base of tongue is falling into the airway (and per a recent laryngoscopy, my airway is small).
When I was a child, an orthodontist offered to clip it, but I wasn’t having any difficulty with speech, and I hadn’t really figured out that my childhood sleep disruption was apnea until all these decades later.

Which Unplugging The Thumb kit?

I have a 2nd grade student who sucks her thumb. She is mentally challenged, but she is a higher functioning one. She is in resource class and the resource teacher put a glove on her hand to prevent the pattern. However, the girl will take it off. She has told the teacher that the thumb sucking does not bother her and she does not care what others think. I don’t think I will get much support at home either from the parent. Do you recommend using the Unplugging the thumb material?

When to teach slurping and swallowing

What do I need to correct or review, when a patient slurps always before swallowing? The tongue is on the spot, she bites down, lips pulled back, and then she slurps and swallows correctly. Do I have to work more with the middle and the back of the tongue? Do you have any suggestion?

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