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Digit habits affecting suctioning ability

The digit sucking…. She ceased this behavior, as of Fall – I’m thinking it was late October. I have seen her, however, now enjoy a lot of tongue gymnastics, twisting and curling her tongue between her front teeth – a form of tongue chewing, I would say

63yr. old female who developed severe tongue thrusting & resulting malocclusion problems.

63yr. old female who developed severe tongue thrusting & resulting malocclusion problems. A restorative DDS has corrected my bite with extensive work, but the tongue thrusting has continued…

Help for eight yr old girl with thumb sucking

We are looking for an experienced Orofacial Myologist in our area to help our eight year old with thumb sucking and are hoping you will help us with this. We have looked in the IAOM website directory but have not been successful in finding anyone even within our area code (909).

What am I missing with lateral lisp

He is easily able to narrow his tongue at will during the exercise and has good tongue/jaw dissociation during oral movements. However, once /s/ is produced, the lateral sides go right up to those molars!!

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