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Is thumb sucker being honest?

HE claims that he did not suck his thumb during the night, but we are not sure.

OK to purchase Myo Manual before course

I’m seriously considering purchasing your manual until I can get to one of your courses. I almost feel guilty not being able to provide a more comprehensive treatment than I am. Do you think it is a good idea to buy it ahead of time?

What to expect from 3 year old post frenectomy?

He has great mobility except elevation outside the mouth. He cannot lick upper lip or lift up if the tongue is extended. He has perfect placement for l inside the mouth… Any suggestions?

I want to take your course and I was hoping you could answer a few questions before I register

Is Myofunctional Therapy research based at all? Is there any conflict with Prompt training and orofacial myology? What is the Time frame for the program and session amount…

Why Tongue looks smaller with treatment?

Question to Dr. Robert Mason: In your text you say, “once muscles have been trained through treatment, a tongue that seemed definitely large has assumed a much more normal appearance”.  Can you explain this please. Answer: Yes, but you already know the answer. You will recall how the hyoid bone drops down and the tongue […]

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