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Sanitizing Items

Hi Sandra, Can the Neon Exercise Elastics be sanitized in boiling water or do you typically have patients reuse them?  I wonder this because my client had a canker sore recently and I just wondered if it would be best to use fresh ones each time or not so as to avoid germs reinfecting his […]

Myo before expander or vice versa?

An orthdontist recommended a palatal expansion after myofunctional therapy for an 8 year old.. I explained that the palatal expansion should take place before myo and she felt that myo would go first and the tongue would widen the palate. You said the tongue would not widen that palate at 8 years of age. Can you help me to understand why the tongue is not going to widen it. Is it because of the patient’s age? Is there an age at which the tongue will naturally widen a narrow palate?

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