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Building a decent foundation for a patient, even if they move or you move

I’ll be leaving these patients within 3-6 months. Do you think it’s fair to start?

TMJ degeneration and LIP SUCKING habit

She desperately wants to stop this habit & I think it would give her a much better feeling about herself. Plus it will be critical to have success with the other treatments she is receiving. What would you suggest that I do to help her stop this habit?

No facial movement bilaterally post CVA

Mid 30s male suffered a small right occipital lobe CVA. Found face down on the floor after undetermined amount of time…SLP consult 2 days later due to ‘no facial movement bilaterally’.

Extremely high narrow palate

He is 28 with an extremely high narrow palate thus cannot breathe well. His tongue has the “macro” appearance due to the palate issues. He’s gone through surgeries, ENT referrals, and I started therapy on him to strengthen his lips and to habituate a correct resting tongue posture. I also referred him for a lingual frenectomy that he followed through with. We only worked together around 5 sessions and he was then out of the country with work.

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