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Is it acceptable to teach a client about tongue to spot even if he’s wearing a retainer he can take out?

Is it acceptable to teach a client about tongue to spot even if he’s wearing a retainer he can take out?

Older children & adults are reporting significant pain post frenectomy

In adult patients with TT, do you find less pain in the post frenectomy rehabilitation phase when a period of pre habilitation is undertaken, in essence conditioning the musculature as much as possible?

RDH wants to be sure that the OM course is transferable and accepted in Canada

As long as you are an RDH with a license in your province (or country, etc.) you are eligible for the training and joining the IAOM afterwards as you complete the certification process.

Pediatrician Wants to Refer Patients for Tongue-tie Evaluation

I have a pediatrician that wants to refer patients to me for tongue-tie evaluation. She thinks that doctors and dentists make decisions based on appearance and she is more concerned about function, so she was very excited to hear about myo.

How long do you wait to see a patient after adenoids have been removed?

According to the problem involved, a lateral or peritubal adenoidectomy may be done by removing the adenoid tissue encroaching around and over the Eustachian tubes while leaving a midline strip of adenoid in place to maintain velopharyngeal closure.

Adult With Grade 3 Tosils

An adult patient was sent to me for orofacial myology treatment. She has grade 3 tonsils but can and does breathe comfortably through her nose. Should I see her for treatment?

Long Time R Problem

We look at several things here. First of all, look at where the frenum inserts into the floor of the mouth. Is it on or right below the lower alveolar ridge? Or is it fairly far back on the floor? Also, look where the frenum inserts into the tongue itself. Is it about midway or is it closer to the tip? Or is it far down at the base of the tongue?

CVA with noted aphasia

I just screened a new resident post CVA with noted aphasia in her record and some dysarthria. On exam, her tongue had a fairly significant fissure at midline. Any recommendations for healing?

It is fair to start patients when I will be leaving in 3-6 months.

“Because you know Phase One, most especially proficiency exam #1, you can build a decent foundation for a patient and then, even if they move or you move, they have the most important basic skills.

When apraxia rules all… it explains many of the OM symptoms we see

Hi Sandra, So glad that you were able to meet with my patient. I have been perplexed about him. His OM issues seem to be compounded by his difficulty with nasal breathing (polyps), poor motor planning, and weak sensation around his lips and tongue. For sure…at the very least! My basic results from exam: 1. […]

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