Note:  :  Neo-Health Services provides you with an ASHA certified, licensed SLP-CCC trainer and a Registered Dental Hygienist, both of whom are also highly experienced IAOM Certified Orofacial Myologists. Our particular in-depth course gives SLPs specific training that relates to many of the patients we see daily, not only the “tongue thrust” patients commonly seen by those trained elsewhere.

Speech-language pathologists are naturals for orofacial myology training.

SLPs see dozens of clients that exhibit many different types of symptoms that are often related to orofacial myology disorders.  Here are but a few:
Lisps of all types
Other articulation disorders (specific sounds, imprecision, mumbling, etc.)
Phase One Swallow symptoms and difficulties
Poor eating habits
Oral habits such as thumb sucking, shirt/hair chewing, lip biting, etc.
Mouth breathing
Tongue tie/restricted lingual frenum
Open bites that interfere with acceptable speech production, chewing and swallowing
Additionally, many of the exercises and methods that are provided
during the orofacial myology course help us with other types of patients.
ASHA  has issued position statements regarding the evaluation
and treatment  of orofacial myology disorders.   :
Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders
All of the required areas are covered during the 28 hour CEU coursework.
  There is a great need and demand for SLPs who are also certified in orofacial myology.  More and more, dental professionals and non-trained SLPs are seeking those with backgrounds in orofacial myology to whom to refer patients.    The additional training has great value for SLPs in schools, nursing facilities, and hospitals.  It is also widely sought by those in private clinical settings to enhance their own businesses while at the same time increasing their patients’ potential for success.

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  • ANGELA MILES says:


    As a speech-language pathologist, I would like to know the process for becoming certified in this area. I look forward to your reply.

    Angela Miles




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