Oral Habits

Dedicated to helping children stop the thumb/finger habit in a “fun” way…

Stop Thumb Sucking Now!!!

When a thumb or finger is inside the mouth, it takes up the space where the lips, teeth, tongue and jaw are normally positioned. This prevents them from functioning in the correct way. Even when the thumb is removed, the structures often remain in the incorrect positions, leading to an open bite, mouth breathing, and an undesirable way of chewing,swallowing, and speaking. This program was developed for the child and adult to work together in a cooperative non judgmental manner to eliminate this habit.



 Dedicated to helping children stop the pacifier habit in a “kind” way…

Stop pacifier NOW!!! Pacifier use is the most common non-nutritive sucking habit.  It usually begins when parents introduce it in order to calm their child. Over time, it becomes a form of amusement as well, and the child becomes attached to it. Depending on the intensity, frequency, and duration of the habit, pacifiers may affect dental occlusion. Improvement may occur once the habit is eliminated, depending on the child’s age and other factors.



Dedicated to helping children stop the nail biting habit in a “gentler” way…


  Unsightly fingernails may cause problems beyond the social  issues we are aware of. Fingernail biting can also damage the gums, make the fingertips red and sore, and cause the cuticles to bleed. It increases the risk of bacterial infection around the nail beds and the mouth, which in turn may affect overall health. Stress has been shown to increase the likelihood of nail biting. This program was developed in a way that minimizes the stress involved in quitting, which makes it more likely that the child will be successful.



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