Option#1 MEGA Myo Kit

The MEGA MYO KIT includes the Myo-Manual and ALL the tools you need for a complete treatment program. The MEGA MYO KIT offers you the best saving by combining everything you need  for a complete treatment program. In addition to the six basics tools, you receive the Myo Lip Meter, the Myo Lip Meter Charts and the Assignment Charts. This Treatment Program, used worldwide in all types of facilities, is the culmination of the author’s lifetime of experience treating and studying oral myofunctional disorders and “tongue thrust.” It includes proficiency exams, observation sheets to establish baselines, two tracks for subconscious training, sample evaluation and oral examination forms, Night Time Charts, Time Charts and an Appendix Section with additional forms. All three phases are covered: Pre Treatment Conditioning, Chew-Swallow Mechanics, and Integration into Lifestyle.

BONUS! 100% credit for this purchase may be applied toward the Neo-Health Services introductory course in orofacial myology for those who are eligible and choose to attend.

Orofacial Myology Products. The MEGA Myo Kit.


Option#2 Myo Kit

This kit contains the Myo Manual (Orofacial Myology: From Basics to Habituation and CD for subconscious training) plus Grab Bag Activity Set, Battle Buttons, Elevator Disks, 2-Way and 3-Way Mouth Props, Quick Tongue Tie assessment tools (QTT), and Neon Exercise Elastics. Take advantage of this savings with the Myo Kit price that includes full packages of the supplies in addition to the Myo Manual!

Orofacial Myology Products. Myo Kit


Option#3 Myo Manual

The Myo Manual was developed for dental, speech, and orofacial myology professionals to provide a comprehensive treatment program for their patients and clients. Baseline measurements are obtainable using proficiency exams, patient/parent home observations forms, and oral examination forms.   Dozens of exercises and activities are provided for every small step along the path from “Basics to Habituation.”  Includes CD for subconscious training

Myo Manual


Tongue-tie: Morphogenesis, Impact, Assessment and Treatment

This book busts the myths associated with tongue-tie that prevent the re-establishment of routine assessment and treatment of the condition in the early postpartum period. Dr. Hazelbaker provides both the old and new evidence that enables clinicians to properly assess, diagnose and treat this genetic condition that creates so many problems with infant feeding, speech and orofacial development.

Tongue Tie Book


Understanding the Orofacial Complex

This user friendly book was created to familiarize the reader with the anatomy and physiology of the orofacial musculature.  Understanding the Orofacial Complex: Muscle Manual, provides comprehensive illustrations of the muscles of the jaw, lips, tongue, soft palate, and larynx with descriptions of the anatomical maps for those muscles.  It also discusses the origin, insertion, and function of the muscle, as well as the cranial nerve innervation.   It offers the reader  a quick and easy view to refresh their memory and to use for describing muscle actions to patients.



 Lip Strength Meter

The Lip Strength Meter is used to establish a baseline during the initial evaluation and to demonstrate improvement during treatment.  It is an excellent source of motivating the client to complete exercise assignments.  This measurement tool provides data to insurance companies, referral sources and others. It is a must for those working on improving lip strength and closure.



Lip Meter Chart

The Lip Meter Chart is a helpful tool that is used in conjunction with the lip meter and provides visual proof of improvement. It serves to motivate the patient throughout the program. Each packet contains 10 colorful charts.



Elevator Disks

Elevator Disks are colorful disks strung on sturdy cotton braiding.  They are used to coordinate and improve lingual/labial/mandibular differentiation and labial competency, correct tongue placement on the alveolar ridge, and decrease hyper-gag.  They are a favorite among clients of all ages.


See exercise video


Neon Exercise Elastics

These colorful non-latex elastics are placed on the tongue during various exercises.  They act as gentle reminders to keep the tongue in the correct location and serve as a signal to maintain the correct resting posture.



3-Way Mouth Prop (3WMP)

Since mandibular involvement is such a common symptom of an oral myofunctional disorder, the clients are first given exercises to “dissociate” or separate mandibular from lingual movements.  The 3-Way Mouth Prop can be oriented as needed for each client.



2-Way Mouth Prop (2WMP)

 Since mandibular involvement is such a common symptom of an oral myofunctional disorder, the clients are first given exercises to “dissociate” or separate mandibular from lingual movements.  The 2-Way Mouth Prop is a reusable stabilization tool. 2-Way Mouth Props (2WMP) can be oriented as needed for each client.


Quick Tongue-tie Assessment (ROM)

This disposable tool is used to perform a quick test for tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) as well as for general oral and facial measurements.  Directions are included in the package of 10 QTTs.



Battle Buttons 

Battle Buttons are used by the individual or with a “Battle Buddy” to improve lip closure, compression, strength, and resistance. Buttons and twine may be disinfected as needed. Colorful exercise buttons and sturdy twine make this a favorite of therapists and clients.



Grab Bag Activity Set

The Grab Bag is a set of activities, exercises and reminders that are used near the end of the habituation phase in conjunction with the Myo Manual treatment program.  They also provide a means of practice for several weeks or months post treatment.  Each activity has an accompanying image related to the original exercise that was assigned.


The Myo Demo Model

The Myo Demo Model gives you the tool to show your clients where the tongue should be placed, how exercises should be achieved, how far the mouth should be opened or closed for certain activities, which teeth are involved with stage one of the swallow, and much more.


Autosuggestion CD

Whatever your professional The Autosuggestion CD is used to reinforce the new resting postures, swallow and breathing patterns on the subconcious level. Separate tracks for older children and adults, and young children.


Unplugging The Thumb Therapist’s Edition

Whatever your professional experience and background, Unplugging The Thumb has been prepared as a complete kit that makes it easy for you to use in your particular setting. This Therapist’s Edition of Unplugging The Thumb offers you the steps to provide the best opportunity for successful elimination of oral habits.  It is broken down into sessions and gives you all the information you need to get your client to “unplug” the thumb (or fingers!)




Unplugging The Thumb Parent’s Edition

Unplugging the Thumb Parents Edition guides the parent to eliminate child’s sucking habits in an unstressed way.

 Pocket Pillow

This delightful item is used as a naptime and night time reminder to keep hands, thumb or fingers in a safe place, away from the mouth.   Each Pocket Pillow displays a unique character, created using washable non-toxic paint.  This provides a positive approach to eliminating oral habits, and it is often used as a “reward” in conjunction with the Unplugging The Thumb program kit.



 Growing The Nails

Growing The Nails success kit was developed to respond to requests for a kinder method that doesn’t involve negative means to bring about a change in a child’s behavior. Growing The Nails does this by providing a child-parent team approach. For more information, go to

 Bye Bye Pacifier

Bye Pacifier I’m BIG NOW is a book created to help kids quit the pacifier in a kind way. This method makes you the helper instead of the enemy. Nothing is negative and your child slowly adapts to doing without the pacifier. It is a win-win situation.The illustrated book comes with a little booklet containing easy to follow instructions for success. Available in boys and girls editions.

 Orofacial Myology: From  Basics to Habituation

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