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3 Year Old Diagnosed With Apraxia And Is A Mouth Breather

Hope all is well. I had  call from mother with a 3 year old who’s SLP diagnosed child with apraxia and is a mouth breather. Also had sleep study and has mild apnea. They are planning on tonsil/adenoid removal for apnea. Is this a case where orofacial myology treatment  should be included ? Thanks, J W […]

Is 3 years old candidate for tonsil/adenoid removal for apnea or not?

…few very simple exercises that an older three year old could do just to get used to having a clear airway and a tongue that finally doesn’t have to hang down or forward or out in order to try to increase airway space.

How to work with adults with severe dyspraxia and myofunctional disorder

Background:  This patient had been seen 3 times by L, an SLP graduate of my 28 hour course.  He was coming to Orlando to see friends and a consult was set up.  My findings and suggestions follow her email. Hi Sandra, So glad that you were able to meet with R. I have been perplexed […]

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