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Class III and concerns

Hello Sandra,  I first wrote to you last year when I was inquiring about one of your seminars. In the past, I have treated one adult and two children by adapting the protocol created by Daniel Garliner (The Deviate Swallow, A Functional Approach, 1964),  as well as using information from other sources including the guidelines […]

Help with marketing to orthodontists

what I teach them all immediately is that standard speech therapy is not an effective means to help tongue thrust patients. Thus, you don’t want to promote speech therapists in general as being specialized in orofacial myology since we SLPs are rarely if ever trained in this specialty area as a normal course of education

Ankyloglossia 4 year old

I have a 4-year old boy who had a frenectomy last week. Now that he has had the surgery it is apparent that he does not truly dissociate his tongue from his mandible on lateral tongue movements, and has difficulty with voluntary movements such as sticking out his tongue, using his tongue to clean around his lips, etc.

A 4 year old with Ankyloglossia

Post frenectomy, the goals include being able to move the tongue horizontally (in and out) without touching the lower lip or teeth or seeing any lip involvement. I recommend 3Way Mouth Props as the tool to keep the mandible stable as the client learns the movement/excursion. Then the prop is slowly removed. Also, the client should be able to move from lip corner to lip corner, again without any extraneous mandibular movement.

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