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What is included in the Unplugging the Thumb Kit

I was wondering what exactly is included in the Unplugging the Thumb Kit. I apologize if I missed the description, but I couldn’t seem to find it.
Thank you. Jen

When Sockie falls off

After watching the CD, my son decided to quit. He wore the Sockie to bed, but it either fell off during the night or he removed it in his sleep. After a few nights, he said Sockie was gone. He must have thrown it away. The dentist told him that he is going to put a rake into his mouth in two weeks if he doesn’t stop sucking his thumb.

4 year old child adopted from China

I was wondering if your program is guaranteed. My daughter turned 4 in October and she has been a thumb sucker since we adopted her from China. I know they had to comfort themselves somehow because of not enough care providers. So, she wraps her little blankie around her fingers and sucks her thumb.Do you think she is a candidate, and it is not clear what is all in your kit, could you please explain.

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