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Great opportunity to see a tongue tie patient prior to surgery

When you have the great opportunity to see a tongue tie patient prior to surgery, you should do a full evaluation for comparisons post surgery.

What to expect from 3 year old post frenectomy?

He has great mobility except elevation outside the mouth. He cannot lick upper lip or lift up if the tongue is extended. He has perfect placement for l inside the mouth… Any suggestions?

SLP with tongue tie and OSA

My interest is more concerning: I have a new diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea (hypopneas, actually), in which the MD believes that the base of tongue is falling into the airway (and per a recent laryngoscopy, my airway is small).
When I was a child, an orthodontist offered to clip it, but I wasn’t having any difficulty with speech, and I hadn’t really figured out that my childhood sleep disruption was apnea until all these decades later.

Ankyloglossia with some symptoms missing

When there appears to be NO current obvious difficulties in the presence of a tight lingual frenulum, should one proceed with frenectomy?

Ank and palatal expansion, when to do it

I was recently referred a case where there is an obvious need for a frenectomy, she is 9 and is getting an expander TOMORROW. I need to decide to recommend she get the surgery now and take my chances with the rehab when I basically can’t do much more than mobility work while we wait 4-6 months for the expander to be removed, or wait for the frenum surgery after the expander comes off.

RDH questions re enlarged tonsils, timing for therapy, speech considerations

… Could her speech be sooooooo poor due to the 60 % airway or is there some delayed development issue that no one knows about??????

Considerations when diagnosing

It is my findings using my past examinations that a hyper-gag might be common with ankyloglossia. I do not have formal research yet, but rather just my experience with patients. There are incidences of gagging, choking, feeing like the food is clogging up the “throat,” etc.

Frenectomy and tongue thrust connection

I was wondering if you think (or if there is a consensus) that a tongue thrusting pattern is “normal”/typical swallowing pattern up to a certain age. I have read that it is normal for babies. I have also read that it is “normal” until the age of 6. I have also read that it is never normal, and even infants that are breastfeeding do not exhibit a forward tongue motion. I feel a little confused.

Is there is a consensus that a tongue thrusting pattern is “normal”/typical up to a certain age?

tongue thrusting tends to spontaneously regress over time as neuromotor development results in the tongue elevating under control and as the dimensions of the oral cavity and pharynx are adapted to by the tongue. For 2, 3, 4, and even 5 year olds, it is not abnormal to see a tongue thrust, and when noted, this does not automatically indicate the need for treatment. In some cases, it is important NOT to treat such children.

4 year post frenectomy still exhibits difficulties

A 4 year old client of mine had a frenectomy at the end of the school year. I didn’t see him over the summer but he was seen by someone else. He was not cooperative with the other therapist for oral motor exercises.

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