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RDH wants to be sure that the OM course is transferable and accepted in Canada

As long as you are an RDH with a license in your province (or country, etc.) you are eligible for the training and joining the IAOM afterwards as you complete the certification process.

Orthodontist asks how to use ROM for tongue tie assessment

I’d like to learn a little more about the Range of Motion measures you described in the newsletter. How do you relate MOWS and MOtts to MOmax? Is there a ratio you use to indicate limited opening? How do you instruct the “suction” position to the patient? Is your curved ROM ruler easier or better to use than a straight ruler?

Q&A from an RDH about courses

Dear Sandra, Q:  Thank you so much for the prompt reply and all the info.  I do have some questions.  I noticed that you do not get much into TMD and sleep apnea.  Why is this? A:  It has been determined that that is not within the scope of orofacial myology and the IAOM does […]

RDH soon to graduate interested in Orofacial Myology

I am a Dental Hygienist in the state of Pennsylvania currently finishing up my B.S. degree in Dental Hygiene.  For my final course, I have a Capstone/Senior Project. For this project, I have chosen to do a Continuing Education course in the field of Orofacial Myology and how it relates to the Dental Hygienist. My […]

RDH asks about different courses

Can you tell me the difference between this course and the comprehensive OM course. Should I take the comprehensive course first? Do I need to take both? Thank you for contacting us.  The requirements to enter the certification process of the IAOM begin with the 28 hour intensive course.  The course may be given different names by […]

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