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/r/ Speech problem….or is he tongue tied?

…it is frustrating when he struggles speaking, and people either do not understand or they plainly laugh at him.

Can we stretch or lengthen the lingual frenum?

“If lingual frena could be stretched, we wouldn’t have tongue tied adults!”

3 yr old vpi, dysarthria, ankyloglossia

Have you ever heard of a short frenulum being a stabilizing factor in relation to dysarthria? One pediatric SLP felt that if we did a frenectomy it could make her speech worse.

Considerations when diagnosing

It is my findings using my past examinations that a hyper-gag might be common with ankyloglossia. I do not have formal research yet, but rather just my experience with patients. There are incidences of gagging, choking, feeing like the food is clogging up the “throat,” etc.

Class III Tongue Curls

I have a question for you about a client.  He is a six year old boy who has a significant underbite.  He has had expanders and some type of face mask. The dentist is now recommending a gate, but his mother is against this and has contacted us.  I am trying to do exercises for […]

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