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Long Time R Problem

We look at several things here. First of all, look at where the frenum inserts into the floor of the mouth. Is it on or right below the lower alveolar ridge? Or is it fairly far back on the floor? Also, look where the frenum inserts into the tongue itself. Is it about midway or is it closer to the tip? Or is it far down at the base of the tongue?

Frenum Question- R: Techniques and Interventions to Correct /r/

Sometimes a frenum is not short but is still restrictive because of the attachment location on the tongue or onto the lower alveolar ridge.

Adults with low forward carriage

I have a pt (adult) that has lower resting posture and she presses the tip against her lower alveolar ridge which is now causing bone loss. She doesn’t thrust so I am strictly working on rest posture. Do you have any recommendation for what exercises I should be using?

R therapy help needed

I have a client at the moment who is not making much progress. Independent movements of tongue are ok, however she can NOT maintain suction. She can click and cluck all day but can’t prolong that after many sessions trying.

9 year old, /r/ problem, ankyloglossia, feeding issues

Hi Sandra, I am taking your /r/ e-course right now and have a question for you about a 9-year-old client who was diagnosed as an infant with a tongue tie but parents were advised not to have it clipped at the time. As a result, he had tremendous feeding problems which mom recalls were a […]

Frenectomy based on Range of Motion Scale

I have a client whose frenulum looks very deep in her tongue and her tongue may be restricted, but I am not sure if it is a big deal.  I used the range of motion scale, and she could open her mouth wide open 50 (cm?); when her tongue was to the spot she could […]

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