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Starting a new private practice and looking for a good oral mechanism exam checklist

I am starting a new private practice and I’m looking for a good oral mechanism exam checklist. Do you have one or know of a place that would have one? Thanks, S Hi S, Congratulations on starting up a practice.  Being that I have focused on orofacial myology for so many years, my eval is […]

Trade secrets in order to practice

There are dozens of hospitals, universities, clinics and individuals worldwide who have purchased and who use the Myo Manual program. Not all of them have taken my course.

OK to purchase Myo Manual before course

I’m seriously considering purchasing your manual until I can get to one of your courses. I almost feel guilty not being able to provide a more comprehensive treatment than I am. Do you think it is a good idea to buy it ahead of time?

Tongue sucking habit

The boy only sucks his tongue at night per mom. He had his adenoids out at 3 and sucked a pacifier until 2. He doesn’t suck anything besides his tongue now and does not use a sippy cup. He does have an open bite though. Do you have any experience with this or could you give me any pointers?

R therapy help needed

I have a client at the moment who is not making much progress. Independent movements of tongue are ok, however she can NOT maintain suction. She can click and cluck all day but can’t prolong that after many sessions trying.

Is there a minimum age to start therapy

Is there a minimum age you use when you decide to start therapy? The pictures and examples in the Myo Manual all show children who are about 7 years or older.

Post frenectomy when to start

I was wondering if there are specific exercises that should be done post-frenectomy to avoid scar tissue from forming.

Can I do Myo Manual program on my own

I noticed as well that I tend to keep my mouth partially open when I get distracted. I was researching the internet and I saw a video and found the website.
I think your kit could be a good idea. Is it possible to do it on my own, just from the manual?

RDH questions re enlarged tonsils, timing for therapy, speech considerations

… Could her speech be sooooooo poor due to the 60 % airway or is there some delayed development issue that no one knows about??????

‘Tongue sucking’ during the evening

I have a quick question for you, I just evaluated a patient who presents with ‘tongue sucking’ during the evening. Mom has attempted to stop this using different pillows, smells (bleach, etc.), due to the increase of ‘sucking patterns’ that occur at nighttime when she is comforted.

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