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Myo before expander or vice versa?

An orthdontist recommended a palatal expansion after myofunctional therapy for an 8 year old.. I explained that the palatal expansion should take place before myo and she felt that myo would go first and the tongue would widen the palate. You said the tongue would not widen that palate at 8 years of age. Can you help me to understand why the tongue is not going to widen it. Is it because of the patient’s age? Is there an age at which the tongue will naturally widen a narrow palate?

I want to be professional for my first patient

I’ve just scheduled my first patient!! I am going to see him (9 yr old) next week the 23rd for the initial evaluation/assessment. He is quite developmentally delayed however Dr. William Hang, DDS, an orthodontist. recommended Myofunctional therapy for him.

RDH inquiry about potential if takes my course

I am interested in taking your course but I live in a fairly small city…Thunder Bay, Ontario….Do you have advice or an opinion regarding my approach to being accepted in the community….I would need referrals from dentists? paediatricians? etc

RDH in orofacial myology and working with stroke patients

The short answer to your question is that there are no current data to suggest that MFT should play a role in the rehabilitation of stroke victims. The larger issue involved is the training of those who work with stroke victims. This is not an appropriate area of clinical endeavor for a dental hygienist.

High narrow palate and articulation

Even if he does progress with his tongue toning and ROM, will he continue to have difficulties with these sounds due to his oral structure–and the resonance?

from Australia happy with results

Hello Sandra,   I am writing to let you know how happy I am with the results of my UNPLUGGING the THUMB which I purchased from you about a month ago.  If you remember, I am the mum from Australia.  My five year old daughter, A, has successfully “unplugged her thumb” and I am amazed at the […]

Treatment for Tonsil Cancer

A patient has been referred who has been treated with head and neck radiation for tonsil cancer. Any suggestions for therapy?

Thumb sucking and tongue tie, can you recommend one of your graduates?

My 3 1/2 year old daughter sucks her thumb….. A dentist separately mentioned possible frenectomy. Can you recommend someone near us to discuss these issues with?

Recalibrating the Lip Strength Meter

I wondered if you know of a way to recalibrate the lip meter

Q&A from an RDH about courses

Dear Sandra, Q:  Thank you so much for the prompt reply and all the info.  I do have some questions.  I noticed that you do not get much into TMD and sleep apnea.  Why is this? A:  It has been determined that that is not within the scope of orofacial myology and the IAOM does […]

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