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Using Unplugging The Thumb to stop sucking habit

Mom says she has tried everything and nothing has worked. It is also interesting to note that this same child has significant weakness of the tongue.

Why do orthodontists use tongue guards

I will be speaking to a group of orthodontists, some of whom refer to me. I know our position on rakes, cribs, etc. I looked in the literature and could not find any articles to tell me why orthodontists use these. Is it because they believe it is the best way to close the bite? Do they feel it is a more convenient and easy way to address open bites? Why do they opt for this? Is it based on research and training?

Tongue sucking habit

The boy only sucks his tongue at night per mom. He had his adenoids out at 3 and sucked a pacifier until 2. He doesn’t suck anything besides his tongue now and does not use a sippy cup. He does have an open bite though. Do you have any experience with this or could you give me any pointers?

When Sockie falls off

After watching the CD, my son decided to quit. He wore the Sockie to bed, but it either fell off during the night or he removed it in his sleep. After a few nights, he said Sockie was gone. He must have thrown it away. The dentist told him that he is going to put a rake into his mouth in two weeks if he doesn’t stop sucking his thumb.

UTT open bite how long to wait for tx

I am working with a 7 year old with an anterior open bite. …..background: Referred to me for tongue thrust by her SLP who cannot make progress on her frontal /s/. This girl started with me 3 months ago in November. Evaluation revealed open mouth posturing, forward tongue resting position, drooling, tongue thrust on swallow, and large tonsils.

Space for tongue posteriorly

…her tongue in the back continues to cover her molars when she is suctioning up. She has worked hard and does all of the exercises well.

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