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Can I replace the Elevator Disk exercise with a strip of shoestring licorice?

The purpose of using the 100% flattened cotton braiding during the Elevator Disk Exercise is to assure that the client is able to manipulate and collect the braiding in a coordinated fashion

Treatment for Tonsil Cancer

A patient has been referred who has been treated with head and neck radiation for tonsil cancer. Any suggestions for therapy?

Recalibrating the Lip Strength Meter

I wondered if you know of a way to recalibrate the lip meter

Questions about Down Syndrome and Orofacial Myology

1.In your opinion and in the research, will treating the forward resting inter dental tongue posture of an individual  with Down Syndrome improve articulation? I work with a 6 yr old girl with DS and apart from all the language work, I must better address her weak oral musculature, tongue and lip and jaw posture but […]

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