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Orofacial Myology condition arises “out of the blue”

Does a tongue thrust ever just “develop” after a client has been in braces for a period of time? Or it is more likely that the tongue thrust was present but just undetected until a certain time? Or would it depend upon the occlusion and other factors?

I have a really bad problem of sucking on my tongue

Now that I am older I realize that a lot of my nieces and nephews and cousin are doing the same thing too

Hi I am interested in purchasing your manual

I started out using Garliner’s program, which sounds like the one you were introduced to. I used it in the 1970’s! It was great to get me started at that time, and frankly no one else had any satisfactory treatment program, so it was the only game in town. From that point, I began to incorporate everything I could learn and develop myself to cover a myriad of different types of patients that I felt come under the umbrella of orofacial myology.

Tonsillectomy little girl can’t make H sound

I have a little girl who got her tonsils out and has returned to me (5yrs)
doing therapy with her but noticed that she is not able to say “H”. I have her pretend to do katate and punch her arms out and go
‘huh’ as karate people do! Any more ideas?

Ideas for adult tongue sucker

i just want to know some ways to help me stop sucking on my tongue and my family from it to. i do have allergies and my tonsils are not swollen but my allergies are only seasonal. Even when I’m not experiencing any allergies symptoms i still tend to suck on my tongue. Please help, it bothers me so bad, there are some days when it gets really bad and I have to chew on gum to stop myself from sucking on my tongue because it starts to hurt my jaw.

High palate, restricted frenum and R problem

9-year-old client who was diagnosed as an infant with a tongue tie but parents were advised not to have it clipped at the time. As a result, he had tremendous feeding problems which mom recalls were a “nightmare.”

Fissured tongue

I just screened a new resident post CVA with noted aphasia in her record and some dysarthria. On exam, her tongue had a fairly significant fissure at midline. Any recommendations for healing?

Can I do Myo Manual program on my own

I noticed as well that I tend to keep my mouth partially open when I get distracted. I was researching the internet and I saw a video and found the website.
I think your kit could be a good idea. Is it possible to do it on my own, just from the manual?

Adult with airway issues

Surgeons tend to look at the anatomy and then predict what problems are the result of what they see, rather than actually measuring airflow, as is done in most cleft palate clinics. The anatomy is not a good guide to predict the physiology involved…

Spastic diplegia and orthodontic appliances

Hi, I have a client who is 8 years old, with developmental delay and spastic displegia and was born prematurely. She has one sound error (w for r) and has a tongue thrust habit. Mother is considering a crib appliance to correct the tongue thrust, but wanted my opinion about when to do so with […]

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