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Developmental Delay

When I gave him an oral motor assessment he was unable to stick out his tongue and the sides of his tongue would “wing” outward. Recently, he was able to stick out his tongue without the wings when we returned back to school.

Should I Recommend Lingual Frena Release For Certain Patients?

Bi lateral linea alba was present and also extended to the inside of her lower lip. She states that she rests her tongue on the mandibular teeth and she closes and bites her tongue – which eventually causes pain and she opens her mouth.

Hierarchy post frenectomy

I have one frenectomy precious little guy, had it done early Oct. Ever since, he began wagging his tongue all over the place, (dancing in celebration of its freedom) or more like for a lack of just not knowing where his tongue should rest.

Quick tongue tie assessment questions re norms, lateral scale

Are there average norms to use when you work with the ROM scale?
Could you tell me how to use the lateral scale?

Orthodontist asks how to use ROM for tongue tie assessment

I’d like to learn a little more about the Range of Motion measures you described in the newsletter. How do you relate MOWS and MOtts to MOmax? Is there a ratio you use to indicate limited opening? How do you instruct the “suction” position to the patient? Is your curved ROM ruler easier or better to use than a straight ruler?

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