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High narrow palate and articulation

Even if he does progress with his tongue toning and ROM, will he continue to have difficulties with these sounds due to his oral structure–and the resonance?

from Australia happy with results

Hello Sandra,   I am writing to let you know how happy I am with the results of my UNPLUGGING the THUMB which I purchased from you about a month ago.  If you remember, I am the mum from Australia.  My five year old daughter, A, has successfully “unplugged her thumb” and I am amazed at the […]

Hypersensitive Smell

The only experience I have had with hypersensitive olfactory issues was with children with autism or another spectrum…

Carryover reminder for lip closure

I have a client that I have worked with for about a year – for some time he seemed that he was almost ready to graduate.  I have worked with him on his lisp and his major tongue thrust.  He is now in 4th grade, and I think we have hit a plateau.  I think […]

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